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Simple Scrobbler

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Simple Scrobbler (SS) is a simple app that scrobbles music listened to on an Android phone. Scrobbling means submitting listening information to (and optionally/additionally and ListenBrainz) when you play a track, and you can then get music recommendations and view you listening history and statistics at

Before the release of a new version of SLS, it will be available here to test for one week in GitHub Releases.

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Compatible Apps & Compatible Phones

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Known compatible devices

Note. SLS should work on any device that can install it, and that can run one of the music apps above.



Core Tasks

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Supported languages

Supported scrobble services,, ListenBrainz(.org), and Custom Personal Servers ListenBrainz

there is also developer server options


For a complete list of changes, see the changelog.

Bugs, Contributions, Thoughts…

First, read the FAQ to see if you can find any help with your issue.

If you can’t find it there, you can always open an issue or pull request here on GitHub.


All of the code is open source, released under Apache License 2.0.

I use copyright here only in the sense of proper attribution. Do whatever you want with the code (as long as the licenses are followed).


A complete and updated list here -> CONTRIBUTORS LIST

Test device contributors

Several people have also contributed with comments, suggestions and issues.